Godrej Nature Plus Amenities & Features


As per the expectations of the homebuyers from the utopian Godrej Properties with its latest project, Godrej Nature Plus Sohna is all set to equip its residents with access to all available amenities. The major amenities that if offers are Green Living, Active Health, and Social Well-Being.


The most thought and worked in the area by architects while designing this residential complex was to give a sense of nature in the place in order to make it refreshing and worth living. In fact, its importance can be justified by its name, which itself includes ‘Nature’. With its captivating and mesmerizing beauty, residents would not be able to take their eyes off of this residential complex. Greenery is spread in every nook and corner of this estate. Godrej Properties boasts of its five-acre private health park.

When you enter in this magnificent estate, your presence will be graced by the beautiful Colour garden. Not only this, Shrub garden will welcome you like a burnishing morning sun. Fragrance trail for jogging or a casual evening walk will fill each and every day in your abode with placidness and health. Even butterfly garden earns more brownie points for this vast estate. Pebble trail is another feature that is meticulously thought and designed by top-notch artists and designers.

Although it is a preconceived notion that plants that are planted in residential projects are just made for the purpose to allure the investors, but since Godrej Properties is known for delivering the best, so how can we expect that it would just consider beauty and become ignorant of the health of its investors and buyers? Many herbal plants like Tulsi, Aloe-vera, Mint, Camphor, Turmeric leaves, Castor, Lemongrass, white lotus with enriching health benefits are just at a stone throw from your abode. These medicinal benefits will keep diseases away from its residents and welcome healthy lifestyle with open arms.

As it is an old adage that healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So with a lot of greenery around leading to high level of immunity and good health, the residents of this grand estate will succeed in every future endeavor. The fragrance of plants here will make one feel like as if they are in paradise. Presence of flagrant garden pocket makes you stick to your abode like a bee to the nectar. Kanauji Gulab, Raat ki rani – cestrum and parijat – nyctanthes are some of the fragrant plants present here. A unique and captivating fragrance can provide a sense of peace and utmost complacency after a tiring day at work. The list does not end here. In fact, it has just started.  Other flagrant plants like rajanigandha – tuberose, jasmine – Juhi / Bela mogra/chameli, sweet pea, and Champa – magnolia/plumeria also grace you with their presence in this heavenly estate.

Landscaping is also a prominent feature of this place. Many trees like that of berry, orange, jamun, Palash, neem, Arjun, bael Patra, Sonja, kachnar, jungle jalebi, guava and much more are used for landscaping here. These trees catch the attention of everyone as they are visually appealing. Fruit trees and plants with medicinal plants connote to the bird’s eye view for detailing by designers. In all, Godrej Nature Plus is actually a plus in natural beauty as it has a lot of things to offer like with so many plants around, there would be a presence of good air quality with reduced environment temperature. With trees acting like a purifier of air, there is an assurance of healthy lifestyle in your house.


But thinking that Godrej Nature Plus just offers a lot of green space and nothing else should be discarded as Godrej Properties has set another level in the residential real estate by providing a lot of amenities which many other residential projects fail to deliver perfectly. It includes the place for a lot of refreshing activities like net climbing, basketball, kickball, tennis, badminton, cricket practice, water volleyball. These activities will help residents to brush up their sporting skills. As indulging in sports activity leads to increased optimism and peace in life by keeping worries and stress of work away, so how can the leading and the best in Real Estate forget to give special importance to it. With Godrej Nature Plus, it seems that it has not only tried but also achieved in its goal of providing all the amenities including the place for sporting activities too.

In fact, there is a presence of skate-boarding Park for lovers of skating. To maintain fitness level and stay healthy, an AG6 workout at the club is present. Maintaining regularity in workouts in these clubs will make you distinct among all with an aura of youth and radiance on your face.   Fountains also add up to its magnificence. They make it a wonderful place to reside in. Other amenities include a splash place for toddlers and a multi-sports club.

For Bungee lovers, there is an availability of bungee dancing at clubs here. Waterslides at swimming pool in this residential complex make everyone’s eyes glisten with the spark. And it’s a time to bid adieu to days when sporting activities are confined to the daytime or till the sunshine blesses your day, as with Godrej Nature Plus you will get access to Night lit sporting arenas to enjoy time playing with your family whenever you get time irrespective of days and nights.

Even a specialized mini obstacle arena for kids is also available. Even by the poolside, there is a sunken juice bar to add to the luxury and richness of these apartments. With such amazing facilities, no one can commit the mistake of losing this golden opportunity of living in a home equipped with all facilities by your side.


By giving special significance to social well-being and family bonds, Godrej Properties has achieved another milestone in providing everything a home can offer and bring about its true essence. It also reflects that how much it understands the importance of having not a fit but also a socially healthy lifestyle.

With the presence of picnic tables in lawns, one can have a wonderful and enriching experience of having a jolly day with family near their abodes. Everyone knows how much planning a picnic becomes cumbersome when it comes to going away from homes. In fact, it gets delayed a lot of time due to work and many other reasons. But there would be no place for delays as now picnic spot has occupied a place near your homes. So here whenever one gets time and wishes to spend time with family, what needs to be done is to go there. It is as easy as that.

Even festivals hold special significance in everyone’s life as it brings you near to your loved ones, family and friends. So in order to help its residents enjoy every festival to the fullest, what needs to be done is to go to festive zones cum celebration arenas present in this vast estate.

Pet parks, bird feeding nooks, hammock zones, and barbeque decks are some of the other things that it offers to attract homebuyers towards it. Even for maintaining good health, a health café at the Clubhouse is also there. Ice cream cart, Koi Pond, Karaoke at clubs are other such amenities.

Certain family play areas also lure homebuyers to invest in these residential apartments. To spend quality time with family, there is an availability of family monopoly. It is important to spend time with family as at the end of the all that matters is that everyone in the family is together with happiness. Activities like live chess, ludo, Pacman, checkers, hopscotch, wall climbing, etc. add a spice of enjoyment and bliss in life. Pictionary corner attracts everyone towards it and gives an opportunity to have fun with family and friends, thus strengthening the bond of love.

Although these are some of the amenities provided by the Godrej Properties through its residential complex, Godrej Nature Plus. With a five-tier security system, life at this complex becomes secured. There is no worry of security of your loved ones while leaving for work. CCTV monitoring is done 24X7 in order to assure security to residents.

Life at this residential complex is enriched with better community health and stronger family bonds and interaction. It offers a cultural environment with the presence of place for celebrating festive activities to the fullest. It takes life to another level of uniqueness and comfort. With a promising and rich quality of family life, no one can resist the temptation of living in this beautiful estate. Great environs present here helps in increasing optimism and weeding out even a small trace of depression and anxiety from life. With some much of greenery and enriching sunlight, health benefits of living in this complex are further enhanced. So, in all, it can be concluded that a sense of peace with increased assurance of secure living is what defines life at GODREJ NATURE PLUS SOHNA.

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